Campaign Platform

The people of Ward 4 are asking for a better community, a healthier city, and sustainable growth that preserves the unique character of our neighbourhoods. I'm here to stand up for the values we share, and it's important to me to raise the voices of folks in our community who don't currently have a seat at the table. Here's what I'm fighting for and how we're going to get there:



The residents I've talked to are concerned with two major issues: traffic safety on our streets and neighbourhood safety in our alleyways and backyards. The Windsor Essex Regional Community Safety and Well Being Plan points to several concrete, actionable items that we can focus on to help resolve the problems we're experiencing. Better mental health supports, prevention tools, crisis response teams, and access to housing are all initiatives we can continue to build to help increase public safety equitably. Traffic calming and better enforcement are necessary measures to help us combat the dangerous driving taking place in our streets. We deserve to be able to enjoy our community and our kids deserve to feel safe walking to school.


Families are struggling more than ever with housing, gas and food prices hitting record high growth rates. We need solutions that help Windsor to maintain affordable housing for everyone, and provides opportunities for young families to enter the housing market and start developing equity. Let’s focus on speeding up development approvals, encouraging density, and building new affordable housing units.


With Windsor facing unprecedented economic growth through projects like the new battery plant and the mega hospital, this council will be responsible for making decisions that affect the way we live, work and play in the future. Our city is poised to expand and build new neighbourhoods, as well as build new housing in our existing neighbourhoods. We need to make a commitment to active transportation, cycling infrastructure, and investment in gentle densification that helps to support local small businesses, walkable communities and quality of life. Here in Ward 4, that also means preserving the heritage of our historic buildings and making sure any new growth supports the look and feel of our neighbourhood.


Our city has been given a roadmap that shows a clear path toward our future success with the Windsor Works document, and we can gain deeper insight when we connect those recommendations with the work we do. Using the guidance we have been given, we can partner with community organizations and institutions to enhance the city that we love. We have so much potential we can unlock when we look to the resources we already have in our community.



I believe in the importance of communicating with other members on council and with the residents of Ward 4.

Great ideas are activated when we communicate clearly, respectfully, and constructively. Otherwise, we can’t move forward. Differences of opinion are to be expected, but divisiveness isn’t helpful. Residents deserve a voice at the table, and councillors need to work together with the Mayor to build the best city possible.


Finding common ground: Working with council and residents together to find constructive solutions that will benefit Ward 4 and the city as a whole.

The answers to our problems lie in one another – we have to trust one another to find results that represent our diverse needs.


Residents deserve meaningful consultation that meets them where they are and builds equitable representation into the decision-making process.

Democracy is about representing the diversity of opinion in our community. It’s not a matter of everyone getting their way, it’s a way of everyone’s voice being heard – and coming to actionable, sustainable solutions.