Hi, I’m Kristen

My family moved to Windsor from Scarborough when I was a kid. I’m a first- and second-generation Canadian. My Dad moved here from the Macedonian region of Greece, and my Mom was born in Sarnia to British parents, and grew up in Toronto.

I grew up on Meadowbrook, attending Roseville Public School with my two brothers. After graduating top of my class, I attended Walkerville CI, and I was lucky enough that a program like WCCA existed for students like me who showed an aptitude for the arts. I found my place in the Walkerville community, volunteering in clubs and taking student leadership opportunities. I attended Ontario Secondary School Student Association conferences and was elected to the local leadership. I met friends and colleagues who I still perform with today as a part of Windsor’s arts community. For me, Walkerville wasn’t just about finding out who I was, but it was the beginning of finding out just what I could do and the impact I could make.


I went on to study in the Drama department at the University of Windsor, and it was there that I started to develop the communications skills that would serve me in my future career. The work that I do now as a communicator, a parent and a community advocate can be traced back to my experience there working on-stage as well as behind the scenes, and as a leader in student government. I have always been driven by two things: the impulse to jump in and help where help is needed, and the desire to make my community a better place.


I married my husband just after I graduated, and we would go on to have 4 kids while I worked part time, using the skills that I learned in my undergrad to lead arts and corporate events in the community. We ran a business, Diversity Productions, and began producing live events. During this time I was grateful to have the support of family, who helped to care for my little ones while I was at work producing, managing and leading events like the Easter Seals Telethon and the Business Excellence Awards. I volunteered for YourTV, where I hosted and produced new Arts programs and highlighted organizations in our community. I worked part time at St. Clair College, as a Stage Manager in their Music Theatre program.


One of the biggest impacts to my life came from an organization in the community, Connections Early Years Family Centre, who were a huge support to me when my kids were very small. I received great support from them, and learned so much about who I wanted to be as a parent. I met families there from all over the city - some who were struggling, and others who experienced fewer barriers. We all share some of the same worries, and we all want the best for our family. Being together, sharing our concerns, and supporting one another taught me to look for the goodness in everyone, that we can all learn from one another, and that we are all in different places on our own journey in life.


My kids are all now in school, and I’m happy to have returned to work full time at the University, where I promote the University Players productions as well as leading the box office and front of house for the theatres. I’m grateful that I’d be able to take a leave of absence when elected, so that I can concentrate fully on my work as a city councillor.


My commitment to you is this: I am honest, fair and eager to contribute to the community. I’m here to speak up for those whose voices aren’t heard whenever I can, to be a leader for the things that really matter to residents, and to help make Windsor the best place it possibly can be, for our generation and for the ones to come.

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