Hi. I'm Kristen Siapas, and I'm running for city council. I'm jumping in with both feet, ready to speak up for residents on the issues that really matter to them, and to stand up for the values that are essential to a healthy, vibrant city. As the only female councillor in Ward 4 since as far back as Google can remember, I will represent a new voice in council chambers and one that we haven't heard from in Ward 4 for over 25 years. It's time to balance out the gender disparity around that table, and to give more women a chance to speak.


I have an energetic, ambitious perspective that’s backed up with hard work and determination and a commitment to volunteering in my community. Throughout my career as a Marketing Coordinator for the University Players at the University of Windsor, I've been a long-standing volunteer with the Greater Essex County District School Board, including as Chair of the Parent Involvement Committee. I've been able to use this position to advocate for the needs of parents and families across our region, and now is the time to bring that voice to the municipal table.


I want to bring a much-needed perspective to Ward 4 and build on the work that’s already happening with cycling infrastructure, land use, alley rejuvenation, and urban development. I'm here to help create the best, most accessible, and affordable city for all.  My work with the board of education and the arts community has given me unique insight into the things that make our city livable: vibrant arts and culture, walkable neighbourhoods, and a robust, diverse economy.

Over the next four years, this council will have the opportunity to decide not just how we work, but how we live. With a growing population, it’s an exciting time to make the right investments to make Windsor the best place to work, to play, and to live. I believe this means investing in the things like affordable housing, accessible transit, and small businesses that will drive the local economy.


My focus is on Communication, Collaboration, and Consultation. I believe that councillors must work together and collaborate to build the best possible city, that communication with residents is essential, and that the city can provide better service to its residents when there has been meaningful and equitable consultation with the community. Ward 4 represents the great diversity of our community, with residents of all different cultural, racial and socio-economic backgrounds. We have to meet people where they are, and our decisions need to reflect the unique needs of our residents.

Let's keep building the city we want to live in. Join my team by clicking the links to donate and volunteer, and make sure to get out and vote October 24. It's time to elect a city council that represents our community.

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